Friends and Family Meal

We are a DC-based non-profit providing healthy local produce to the hospitality community who are facing food scarcity as a result of COVID-19.

About Us

Our Goal

Communities all over the world are being affected by Covid-19 and the measures required to impede its spread. We, hospitality workers, have been hit especially hard, and together, we face an uncertain future. Friends and Family Meal is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by two DC restaurant veterans for the purpose of taking care of the people who take care of people.

Our mission is to provide nutritious food to hospitality workers worried about food scarcity, while also keeping money flowing to struggling local farmers. We accomplish this through partnerships with our friends in the beverage industry and personal donations. Every Thursday, we deliver these groceries with distribution partners and volunteers throughout Washington DC.

Together we will get through this.

Who We Are


We are an all volunteer organization, run by hospitality professionals that want to give back to our community. Every week we purchase, portion, and distribute produce and pantry staples so our hospitality family can stay healthy.


We purchase our produce from local farms within the DMV area, giving our local agriculture a boost while restaurants have limited purchasing power, and giving our recipients the freshest and most seasonal local food.


We are donation-driven, and every dollar donated to us goes towards feeding local people. We have been supported by our regulars, our local liquor and beer reps, and the general public since the shutdown. Thank you!